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Aniyomi Source Migration

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Aniyomi Source Migration

Migration is the process of moving manga or Anime between different sources maintaining its progress. We often use source migration when one source is inaccessible or there are other updates sources available.


How to Migrate from Manga/Anime?

  1. Click on the anime/manga you want to migrate.
  2. Go to Overflow and press Migrate
  3. Aniyomi performs a global search of all the sources that are installed and activated.
  4. Now, select the source you want to migrate by tapping the anime/manga thumbnail.
  5. Finally, select the file/data to transform.


How To Migrate From Source?

  1. Tap Browse below the navigation bar.
  2. Then click on the Migrate Anime / Migrate Manga tab located at the top-right of the Manga Extensions tab.
  3. Choose the source from which you want to migrate.
  4. Click the anime/manga you want to migrate.
  5. Aniyomi app will now perform a global search of all the sources that are installed and activated.
  6. Now click on the thumbnail of that anime/manga to select the source to migrate.
  7. Finally, select which data you need to migrate.

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How to restrict global searching to pinned sources ?

To declutter the search, you may restrict the global searching to the pinned sources. Here’s how you can do that :

Tap on More and then go to Settings. Scroll down to the Browse button and then enable the Only include pinned sources button. That’s it.

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