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Aniyomi Reader Settings

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Aniyomi Reader Settings

This section covers playback and Aniyomi app playback navigation.


Default Reading Mode (right to left)

This setting creates the default player theme when opening manga.

  • from left to right

Swipe left to view the next page. Swipe right to go to the previous page.

  • Right to left

Swipe right to see the next page. Swipe left to view the previous page. The easy way to read manga.

  • Vertical

Swipe to see the next page. Swipe down to see previous posts.

  • Webtoons

Webtoon is vertical, but it connects all the images into one stream.

  • Continuous Vertical

Similar to a webtoon, but it has lesser space in between all the pages.

Note: You can switch viewers for other videos by going to the series, opening a chapter, tapping in the middle of the screen, clicking the gear icon, and choosing a different viewer under View for series no.


Double tap animation speed

Double-click animation speed changes the speed at which zooming occurs when you double-click.

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Show reading mode

A brief summary of the current mode when playback is open.


32-bit color

This setting decodes the image in ARGB888 format so that the player can display more colors.


Animate page transitions

This setting uses simple transitions when changing pages by tapping on them.



This lets you control the orientation of the screen.

  • Free lets you rotate your screen between portrait and landscape.
  • Lock the lock pointer to the one you set before entering the drive.
  • Force portrait Forces the player to portrait mode.
  • Force landscape mode forces the player into landscape mode.


Background Color

This allows the reader to control the background color. The background color can be black, gray or white.



This setting specifies whether to hide the notification and navigation bar in the player.


Show content in the cut-out area

It allows the reader to use all the screen space up to the camera hole and around the camera notch.


Keep screen on

This setting determines whether to allow the device to sleep while playing comics.


Show Page Number

This parameter displays the page number at the bottom of the page in the current page / the whole page.


Skip chapters that are marked read

This setting skips chapters marked as played during playback. This setting can be useful if you have multiple scan groups in a series and want to hide chapters during playback.


Skip filtered chapters

This setting allows you to bypass the filter section during playback.


Always show chapter transition

A chapter transition is an area between chapters that displays the names of the current chapter and the next chapter. When this option is disabled, the player will hide this area only when the next chapter is loaded.


Navigation layout

This setting is changing the tapping directions and their results.

  • Invert Tapping

It reverses the tapping position based on the selected setting.

  • None

Click left to go to the next page, right to go to the previous page.

Press down to go to the next page and press up to go to the previous page.

  • Horizontal

Left tapping goes to the previous page, whole right tapping goes to the next page.

  • Vertical

Press down to go to the previous page and press up to go to the next page.

  • Both

It uses the two settings  mentioned earlier.


Scale Type

It determines how the pages of your favourite comics will suit your mobile screen.


Zoom Start Position

Depending on the size, the page will be wider than the screen, and you can use the zoom start position to choose where Aniyomi starts on the zoomed page.


Crop Borders

This setting eliminates the excessive amount of white borders.


Side Padding

It includes a percentage of side padding to the side of every page.



This setting allows you to switch pages by tapping the side of the screen.


Long Tap Dialogue

Once opened, you can long-press the screen for options to set, share, or save the current page as a cover page.


Volume Keys

With this configuration, you can use the volume button to go to the previous page, the volume button to go to the previous page and the volume button to go to the next page.


Invert Volume Keys  

This setting reverses the function of the volume keys to increase the volume to the next page and decrease the volume to the last page.

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