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Download the Best Unofficial fork of Tachiyomi 100% Free!

Aniyomi gives you free anime books, and also allows you to read without ads.

Aniyomi App
Aniyomi App

What is Aniyomi?

If you are a comic fan, you must have heard of Tachiyomi. It is among the most popular open-source and free manga comics in today’s time. Now, Aniyomi is the name of the unofficial fork of Tachiyomi. It incorporates all the anime capabilities so that you can read this manga on your android 6.0 smartphones and above that with convenience.

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Features of Aniyomi

Some of the best and coolest features of Aniyomi are:

Multiple Sources

Aniyomi allows you to read anime online from a wide range of sources.

Download Anime

You can download the anime and read it later with the help of this unofficial fork.


Aniyomi lets readers use several beneficial settings and options like reading directions, multiple viewers and so many.

Tracking Support

You will get all the tracker support you need, such as, AniList, MangaUpdates, MyAnimeList, Bangumi, Shikimori.

Well Categorized

Aniyomi categorises your anime list to provide you with a tailored anime library.


  • It provides dark and light themes for efficient reading.

Scheule Updates

You can easily schedule updates in your library for new chapters.


Aniyomi can create both local and cloud backup as per your preference.

App Screenshots

How To Download and Install Aniyomi on Your Android Smartphone?

The first step to download Aniyomi would be to visit the official link and hit the download button. Once it’s downloaded, find the file named aniyomi-v0.12.3.8.apk and open it to kickstart the installation process.

Steps to Install an Extension:

  1. After installing Aniyomi, you must launch the app and scroll to find Browse.
  2. Then you will need to switch to the Manga or Anime Extension Tab.
  3. Here, you will notice various extensions. Just scroll down to the one you prefer and tap on the Install button located on the side of every extension.
  4. Finally, when the installation prompt appears, click on Accept and continue installing the extension.

Steps to Add Manga/Anime to Your Library

When you install the extensions, you will notice manga sources or Anime sources tabs. To find anime or manga and add it to your library, follow the steps mentioned below correctly.

  1. Click on the Latest button on the extension tab. Here you will find recently updated manga or Anime of the source.
  2. Then tap on the source and browse through its catalog.
  3. After finding your favorite anime or manga, simply click on it and then tap on the Add to Library button.
  4. Your selected content will appear in the manga library (if it’s manga) or in the anime library (if it’s anime).
  5. You may also search your desired content globally by clicking on the search icon located at the top-right corner of the Browse.
  6. Then go to Anime sources or manga sources and follow the same steps to add them to your specific library.

If you are having issues finding your favorite manga or Anime, please make sure to input the original titles of the content instead of its English names. For example, if you are looking for My Hero Academia, try searching by its original Japanese name, Boku no Hero Academia. In addition to that, some sources detect several spellings and wordings. So try them before hitting the search button.

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