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Aniyomi Local Anime

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Aniyomi Local Anime

How to create a Local Anime?

Please go through this step-by-step guide given below to create a local anime within a few minutes.

  • First, you must create a folder in the Aniyomi folder with a certain name – localanime. Check out your phone’s external SD card or internal storage section and find the Aniyomi folder at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you cannot find an Aniyomi folder, you must create one.
  • Now, you need to put the well-structured anime into the folder named – Aniyomi/localanime.
  • Finally you are all set to access the anime in the local anime section by going to Browse and then clicking on Local Anime Source.

If you want to include several episodes, you need to refresh the list manually by simply pulling the list down, as we do while refreshing any app.


Folder Structure

Aniyomi requires a certain folder to handle local anime. Local animations are played from the Aniyomi/localanime folder. Each anime must have an Anime folder. The anime will then be moved to the Anime folder. See below for more information on the archives.


Anime title





Anime title



Aniyomi can watch 4 episodes in one anime. The path to the folder where the video is located must include all the titles or names of anime.


How To Edit The Local Anime Details

You can include the details of local anime easily. It is possible to include information about the anime like its description, artist, genre tags, author and much more.

You must create a json file to import the details of the local anime. You can name it anything you like. However, it must be included in the anime folder. For example, a standard file name could be details.json. It will hold the comprehensive details about the anime in the JSON layout. Once the file is skilled, the app will be able to  load the details when you first open it. You can also refresh it manually.

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How to create a custom cover image?

If you like, you can also add a custom cover image for all your local anime. Just set the image file named cover.jpg and place it in the bottom of the anime folder. The app will use it for the local anime folder.

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