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Aniyomi Local Manga

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Aniyomi Local Manga

Follow the steps below to create a local Manga.

  1. Create a folder called local inside the Aniyomi folder. The Aniyomi folder is located at the bottom of your phone’s internal storage or other SD card.

If the Aniyomi app folder does not exist in the above mentioned folder, you can easily create it.

  1. Now set the well-structured manga inside the Aniyomi folder by naming it Aniyomi/local.
  2. You are all set to access manga in the Local Source now.

If you want to include more chapters, you will need to refresh the list manually just by pulling it down.

Supported formats in Aniyomi are folders with images (such as .jpg, .png, etc.), ZIP/CBZ, RAR/CBR, and EPUB. However, you can expect better performance with  ZIP/CBZ and directories.


Folder Structure

Aniyomi wants to have a special format to control local manga. Local manga is read from the Aniyomi/local folder. Each manga should have a Manga folder and a Chapter folder. The photos will then be sent to the Chapter folder. See below for more information on the archives. You can refer to the example below.


Manga title







Manga title





Aniyomi can watch 4 episodes in one manga. The path to the folder where the video is located must include all the titles or names of manga.


Archive Files

File formats such as ZIP/CBZ are supported. However, the folder structures are not supported. All folders in the archive file will be ignored. You must place the file in the Manga folder whose title will be the name of the chapter. Regardless of the folder structure, each image in the archive forms a page for that chapter.


How To Edit Local Manga Details

You can add detailed information to your local Manga in just a few minutes. Like comics in other directories, add information about your manga such as author, artist, description, and genre tags. You need to create a json file to get details inside your local manga. You can call it anything, but it has to be in the Manga folder. The standard file name is details.json. It will hold the comprehensive details about the anime in the JSON layout. Once the file is skilled, the app will be able to  load the details when you first open it. You can also refresh it manually.

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Steps to Use a Custom Cover Image

If you want to, you can also include a custom cover image for all your local manga. Just set the image file named cover.jpg and place it in the bottom of the manga folder. The app will use it for the local manga folder.

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