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Aniyomi Categories

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Aniyomi Categories

Categories help keep your library clean and organized by saving your anime/manga in customizable tabs. You can register and organize them as you wish (like reading status, genre and more).

You can also add your anime/manga comics to multiple categories, easily manage update options from library settings, and download new anime/manga episodes/chapters automatically from specific groups and categories.


How To Create A Category?

  1. To create a category, visit the More section and hit on either Anime Category or Manga Category options.
  2. Look for the Add option. It would be located at the bottom-right corner.
  3. Type the name of the manga/anime you want to add.
  4. Finally, click OK.


How To Edit A Category?

  1. If you want to edit an existing category, you need to open the More section.
  2. Then select the category you want to edit. Like anime category or manga category.
  3. Now long press the category to make the Edit option visible.
  4. After you see the Edit option, tap on it and edit whatever you like.


How to Change the Category Order?

Changing the category means moving one specific category at the top, or make every category appear in an order that you prefer. For example, you can set the manga category on top of the anime one if you prefer. To do this, follow these simple steps below :

  1. Visit the More option.
  2. Hit the category you like.
  3. Now you need to drag that category you selected into its new position by pressing the Reorder button.


How to Delete A Category?

  1. To delete a category, visit More.
  2. Then tap on the name of the category like manga category or anime category.
  3. Now, long press on the category which you want to delete.
  4. You will notice the Delete option appearing on the top of the screen. Click on it to delete the category.

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How To Add anime/manga to category?

  1. To add your favourite manga/anime into specific categories, select the comic you want in the category by long pressing on it.
  2. Now, hit the Set Category option.
  3. Choose the categories or one single category in which you want to add the comic.
  4. Finally, click on OK.

How To Remove anime/manga from category?

  1. If you want to remove any manga/anime from a certain category, you need to long press on the comic first.
  2. Then click on Set Category.
  3. Now you must deselect the category or multiple categories you want to remove the anime/manga from.
  4. Hit OK.

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